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22 de Janeiro de 2019, 13:26
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1  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 17 de Março de 2015, 07:01
I knew one of the old village idiots would show up.  You took an old version of YANG and added frag limits and team support.  My God, someone give this man a round of applause.  Don't forget to mention your old installer deleting Meltdown*.* on people's PCs.  Truth is, you and your other village idiot friends got banned at one point on Meltdown and YANG for being weirdos. 

2  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 21:58
Okie doke, haha.  Anyway, I've been in talks with Replica.  He gave me his latest version of a program that detects if people are moving too fast.  I also have isolated how to check if people use K cheat.  I might add these in at some point, but I'd have to be sure there are no false positives. 
3  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 21:54
And, by the way, I do respect HellFire because he understands the game and has contributed something to the game, not just useless commentary.  I respect Hunter for creating the extra team mode.  Again, I do not support cheating in any way.  Anyone who knows me knows that's one of my big pet peeves.  You'll never hear anyone that knows anything about the game accuse me of cheating.
4  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 21:49
I mentioned in my previous post about this.  So I flooded a few games in the past to promote my program.  Whoopty effn doo.  People were spreading rumors about Meltdown being a virus.  We were all acting silly.  When it comes to the actual game, I have 100% integrity.  Anyone who really knows me knows that.  You haven't been around long enough to know how many people I've helped get Duke working right.  A lot of the people that went crazy and badmouthed Meltdown were people I helped when they first came on the scene.  But, they won't tell you that.  So, Dralzio, to be quite frank, you aren't in any position where I would care what you respect or not.  It's easy to critique when you're on the sidelines.   
5  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 21:43
Well, it's for a few reasons.  The main one is the 2012 one is time tested, meaning we've played 100s of games on it and things have been ok.  The other reason was the newer ones were adding these dumb commands and something about master/slave mode and it just looked like it would be best to stick with the version we've known for a long time.  Of course, when Hunter started cheating, that added suspicion that newer versions may have extra ways to enable things like brighteners, etc.  

Of course, no matter what you do, cheating is possible, but I haven't seen it yet in at least 2 years or so.  In fact, I recall many people complaining that I disabled the brightness setting like Padero Man and some others.  They were so used to the game being bright apparently.  

Listen, I'm not saying I'm a saint or anything.  I've used "strong arm" tactics myself to push my program.  I openly admit that.  But, I've always been 100% dedicated to making sure the game is played with no cheating.  It doesn't mean I'm going to denounce older versions so fast though if someone involved in the game does cheat.  I mean, Turrican worked a lot on xDuke, and he was a known cheater.  It was said the original creator of xDuke gave cheats to some people.  But, I still respect the actual game.

Anyway, I thought all you Brazil guys were buddies (except Hauler)...
6  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 21:02
Damn Duke drama, hahaha.  Let's all just get our mind right and move on.  But, I'm sticking with the old 2012 hDuke until you guys come together.
7  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 19:34
I talked to Replica.  He said he is tired of keeping up with YANG.  So, that leaves Dukematcher and Meltdown.  To me, Dukematcher has always been a worse version of YANG.  There is nothing to fear on Meltdown.  I take all cheating seriously, Hauler.  Believe me.  Hunter has been banned before, and you.  Hunter for cheating, you for being an idiot.  But, I believe after time, we can all still get along, although I do still think you're an idiot, hahaha.

Demos appear to work now in nDuke.  I do see the team kills are stored oddly in memory as negative values, but that's no big deal.  Can you make that damn individual bar in team games optional?  I know it's all a matter of opinion, but I've played like 800 team games and I just think that's a terrible thing to have.

Anyway, now would be as good a time as ever for people to join forces.  We can move closer towards centralization (which, for Duke, is a great thing).  Obviously, xDuke doesn't have the team mode, so it's either nDuke or hDuke.  Everyone pick one and we can all give input.  Anyone, anyone?
8  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 16 de Março de 2015, 01:59
Interesting.  I never realized it didn't shut the demo off at the frag limit.  I think the one Hunter may have fixed was the switching levels then.  In any event, demos are of utmost importance!  You guys have any thoughts on working together?
9  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 15 de Março de 2015, 21:14
Maybe HellFire, Hunter, and whoever made xDuke can all agree to support just one of these ports and we can kill two birds with one stone.
10  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 15 de Março de 2015, 20:19
The way I check scores now, there isn't a need for score.txt, but I do still use it in Meltdown since it's simple.  For xDuke and demo recorder, I use a combination of demo.txt and reading memory locations.  The only thing that would be cool is if you still keep track of individual scores on each player during team mode.  I didn't test if that's true yet, but then I can just fetch the info from memory.  Also, make sure to add in where record gets turned off if someone switches the level, hits the nuke, time limit / frag limit reached etc.  Duke has problems with that that I think Hunter fixed on his.  The only issue with grabbing scores from memory is those locations could potentially change on new compilations of the game.

Also, I would be careful about storing too much in the demo.  Could make it more cumbersome to work with.  For instance, no need to store frag or time limit in the demo since the record should simply be shut off when those are reached.  Team is necessary.  Hunter uses a numbering system like 1#Poda, 2#HellFire, etc.  Since the color is dynamic, I'm not sure you could really save that in the demo, unless you want to save their last color.

I haven't seen Hunter play on Meltdown in a long while.  None of those anti-cheat things are bullet proof.  But, just out of curiosity, can you tell me how he uses modified tiles on Meltdown?
11  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: nDuke - Meu port de duke baseado no xDuke 19.7.1 : 15 de Março de 2015, 02:02
Hi, Hell.  Since you left me a message about this, I'll tell you my initial thoughts (not super testing, just a bit).

1.  The /q command seems broken a bit.  If you do /q8, it treats it like you want 9 total players instead of 8.

2.  I wasn't able to get team demos to play back without crashing.

3.  Most of the extra features like time limit / disable auto aim / and startweapon would be something I would disable for everyone in my program.  They just give scrubs something new to start to bitch about and screw the game up even more. 

4.  I don't really like the separate team score bars.  I feel it could create dissension within a team.  It would be nice to maybe look back at this later, but not during the actual game.

5.  It gives me some error about changing color while watching a demo.  I think it's looking at the fact that record is on.  Anyway, I think it would be a good idea to have a way to disable that.  I mean, changing colors repeatedly in the game would get annoying.

6.  The security things are ok since redundancy doesn't hurt.  On Meltdown, I do check for modified tiles (only crosshair one allowed), palette.dat, modified reg maps overriding game maps, exe and grp crcs.

7.  I don't like the idea of the no auto-aim on teammates.  I feel it changes the dynamics of the game.  Nightvision, that's nothing major, but I feel you should have to accept whatever happens if your teammate is caught in the crossfire.

So, I'm not quite ready to put this over hDuke since the old version has been tested quite a bit.  Yeah, it has one or two issues with the holoduke and nightvision, but noone cares too much about those.  There is one thing that I wish hDuke did have.  I updated my recorder to show final score screen info in the readme.  But, hDuke seems to only keep track of total team score in team games, so I can't give that breakdown.  Here is an example of how the demo readme looks now.  This is just a fake multiplayer game where I let the bots kill each other:

So, I think you're off to a good start, but I think more time is needed to replace hDuke since we've used it for so long and haven't seen any evidence of any real problems or cheating.
12  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Meltdown Poll : 12 de Abril de 2014, 06:08
Interesting, tell me about this proxy connection...
13  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Meltdown Poll : 12 de Abril de 2014, 03:29
Very odd issue.  I will look into it.  He keeps downloading the update correctly, except it's not the update that's actually there.  Must be some type of strange cache issue.  I might be able to randomize the update names to get around it if all else fails.
14  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Meltdown Poll : 12 de Abril de 2014, 02:11
I'd like to study this bug if you can get TeamViewer and post your info.  Looks like you already downloaded it from scratch.  Disabling the update notification wouldn't be a good idea since it's basically mandatory you should update.  But, I'm not sure which version you updated from.  You will see info in the chat like

Downloading update...
Restarting Meltdown...

If you see other stuff in red, there was an error.  If you do see the stuff above and it restarts Meltdown, it should have updated.  If not, I would check the path to your Meltdown.exe and make sure Meltdown is running with admin privileges.

Get this program:  and PM me your ID and password so I can look directly.

In the meantime, the update does say if it fails to just download it manually at
15  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: 2ON2 BRAZIL VS USA : 29 de Março de 2014, 05:34
So who's in with Hauler?
16  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: 2ON2 BRAZIL VS USA : 28 de Março de 2014, 17:49
I was thinking this same thing recently.  What times can you guys play?
17  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Dukera Conspiracy : 09 de Agosto de 2012, 17:39
This is will be in the next version as {nigger}.
18  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Sobre o GAYANG : 20 de Fevereiro de 2012, 19:27
The offenders have been banned from YANG and Meltdown, so no need for this program anymore.
19  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Sobre o GAYANG : 09 de Janeiro de 2012, 12:53
Fran, you're still confused.  I don't want you or the other two stooges using Meltdown. 
20  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Meltdown Poll : 09 de Janeiro de 2012, 12:50
Hi, Guil.  What's happening when you run the installer?  Are you running it through Wine?
21  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Meltdown Poll : 08 de Janeiro de 2012, 23:31
Meltdown 3.17 by Poda

1.  Fixed an issue where you may be asked to update repeatedly.

2.  Fixed an issue with local IP detection.

3.  Fixed an issue where clicking hyperlinks may cause Meltdown to freeze for a period of time.

4.  Made DOSBox unmount drives before mounting.  However, you shouldn't enter any mounting info yourself.  Let Meltdown do it.  Also, if your game starts to load, then closes, chances are you need to set the sound in the game's setup.  Match it with the sound info in the DOSBox config.

5.  Fixed an issue related to updating the GeoIP databases.

6.  Fixed a bug where it might crash shortly after joining main chat.

7.  For Linux users, according to my tests, Meltdown seems to work fine using the Wine program, at least for Duke.

Meltdown 3.16 by Poda

1.  It's getting a bit tedious forwarding everyone's ports.  So, please read the new tutorial that Meltdown opens when you fail a port test or click for help after failing to advertise.

2.  Set macro F2 to game://%localip:%port, where %localip is your local IP, %port is your port.  This is useful for people joining manually on LAN.  %localip can also be used in the manual join box.

3.  Fixed an issue related to rooms disappearing and reappearing when my server is under heavy load.  It will now try harder before deciding to clear the rooms.

4.  Fixed an issue where logging in might immediately give you an error message.

5.  You might be able to see some more pings now if people are simply blocking with Windows Firewall.

Meltdown 3.15 by Poda

1.  You can now disable the debug logs in the advanced settings.  I disabled them by default.

2.  Upgraded some stuff related to networking.  First, I added back in UPnP support using two different programs for good measure.  Second, I got rid of the PFConfig program.  It seems to be more trouble than it's worth.  Finally, I made Meltdown enter a firewall entry automatically in the setup / update in case there is an issue with Windows Firewall.

3.  Added a few new fun pictures.  Yay!

4.  Fixed the registry colorfix (hopefully!).
22  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: NG vs dHc : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 21:42
Maybe I just had a higher tolerance for gayness back then.  I don't know...
23  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: NG vs dHc : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 21:32
Oh boy.  I simply asked you to test single player first, you fool.  What a clown, haha.  It proves what I thought, you're looking for an excuse to complain about everything.  Well I got big plans for you, then you can really complain.
24  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Jogando hDuke no YANG : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 20:24
Shouldn't need any of that.  But, what I did notice is, I was hiding the loadup screen, so all I have changed is to make it show the loadup screen by running through "wineconsole".  So, test with
25  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Jogando hDuke no YANG : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 18:44
Gracias, dear sir.
26  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Jogando hDuke no YANG : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 18:30
Ok, I'll ask another way.  Does xDuke / hDuke run fine in Linux with Wine?
27  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Jogando hDuke no YANG : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 16:58
I can't get DOSBox to run, that's the only issue I have.  I don't know if it's DOSBox or the Virtual machine.  From what I'm reading, it should work with Wine.  Whoever uses Linux on a real machine, can you run some tests for us?  Fran is dying to make a new tutorial.
28  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Jogando hDuke no YANG : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 15:49
I want someone to try on an actual machine.  My virtual is slow too.  I'm not sure what you mean "latency".  I figure both YANG and Meltdown will need to use Wine in the same way for the actual game, so the game should play the same either way. 
29  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Jogando hDuke no YANG : 06 de Janeiro de 2012, 08:44
I did some testing on my virtual pc today, and Meltdown appears to work fine on Linux using that Wine program.  Can anyone else do some tests?  Use this updated Meltdown just in case:

30  Duke Nukem / Online / Re: Meltdown Poll : 07 de Dezembro de 2011, 15:39
Meltdown 3.14 by Poda

1.  Stopped changing the command prompt font for people who like their bold!

2.  Fixed a bug related to updating the registry for the xDuke / hDuke colorfix.

3.  Meltdown now has an uninstall capability, but who would want to do that?!  You have to fresh install to see this in the start menu, however.

4.  Added more help for forwarding ports.  First, there is a Help button in the settings.  If you click this, or if you fail a port test, a document will open explaining how to forward your ports.  Also, a program that can automatically forward your ports will open.  This same stuff can be reached if you fail to advertise.

Meltdown 3.13 by Poda

1.  Fixed some issues related to using special characters in path names.

2.  Got rid of console windows for DOSBox games and SWP.  xDuke and hDuke still need them...

3.  Fixed an issue where the host's game IP may not get calculated.

4.  Game EXE settings boxes will now open for you if you have an invalid path set when launching the game.
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